Welcome to Yakshatantra

We are an IoT solutions provider for your customized needs. We have products lined up in smart home/office applications.

We design all products at our development center in Pune, India and we proudly manufacture in India

We offer end user products as well as customized IOT solutions to make life easy and save costs

Control everything with your fingertips or your voice

We have products lined up in home automation with Smart Plug, Smart Holder, Switch board with temperature and proximity sensor. We have designed our own WIFI module YAK-M-Mini which is based on Espressif ESP8285 SoC. All devices can be easily controlled using the app Yak by Yakshatantra which is will be available to download on Playstore and Appstore. With this app you would be able to control all connected devices anywhere in the world as long as you have access to internet. Also rule based triggering allows devices to turn on and off based on specific schedule, scenarios or weather conditions.

  • Control office and home lights and instruments from Android,IOS device or even from your computer
  • Lights can be turned on based on ambient light, if light reduces below predefined level it can turn on.
  • Auto turn off ceiling fan during chilled mornings, which could avoid many health conditions
  • Periodically turn on/off mosquito repellant to reduce intoxication of your room

Product portfolio

Smart Home and office

We have ready to use products for home like smart plug, smart holder and Electrical switches to serve all your household IOT needs. We are also working on smart lock systems for home use and many more to come

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Smart garden

Now you can control garden irregation system from your mobile when you cannot personally present at the garden and save plants from drying up.

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Customized solutions

We can provide customized solutions for all your IOT needs. We have designed our own Wifi module, and same can be used to fulfil any kind of customized solutions.

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Contact us

We are located in Pune, India. Please connect us on phone or over email, we would respond ASAP.

Location - Pune, India
Email - yakshatantra@gmail.com, contact@yakshatantra.com
Phone - +91-9404792215, +91-7385516725